An ancient evil – a prophecy of doom – a brother’s betrayal …

In the hot sands of the Hamada Desert lies a jewel – the Sacred Wells of Qarajah. Ramiel is heir to the Guardian of the Wells, but long ago another guardian dwelt in their dark depths.

The world is shifting. A hundred-year prophecy nears its time. And Ramiel’s father hides a secret that threatens everything.

Meanwhile, Jennah, Keeper of women’s Lore, has a vision that chills her blood.

“Your future has always been hidden from me, child.” The words of her mentor add to the trepidation in her heart. “Destiny calls, and yet – so often does destiny speak in the voice of a man.”

Jennah is torn between duty and desire. Ramiel’s loyalty to his family is tested by his quest for truth. And at a time when they most need to stand united, his brother Sami does an unthinkable thing, cleaving their House down its centre.

The House divided, will fall. And all else will follow.

Unseen, in the deep heart of Qarajah, the ancient Guardian awakens.