The phone rang. It was just before Christmas a few years ago. Three months after the death of my brother Peter, I was not ready for this news that would again change my life, and eventually lead to the story Sacred Places.

My older brother, Wayne, had died in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For a decade he had lived in the Middle East, his tales of those historic lands opening my eyes to the beauty and wonder of Arabia.

With that phone call, my family and I embarked on a tragic and difficult journey between two very different worlds to bring Wayne and the remnants of his life home.

When that physical journey was complete, the journey of the heart remained. To find peace again after the harsh realities of bureaucracy and cultural disparity, I had to re-find the magic of the land that Wayne loved. I had to seek my own way through a world that no longer contained two of my beloved brothers.

The Sacred Places story paved the road of that journey.