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Posted on 02.05.12

I am a Brisbane-based writer, who uses history and mythology to create worlds, peeling back the layers of reality to reveal the magic that lies beneath.

Growing up in the scorched landscape of Australia, I have always been fascinated by the misty legends of the old world – swashbuckling adventures and dramas of the aristocracies.

My first childish writings were tragedies set in war-torn Europe, inspired by a household of five brothers and old black and white movies.

Half a million words and a plethora of life experience later, I found myself standing in a moonlit desert, gazing out across the lands of the Arabian Nights tales, with the Sacred Places story germinating in my heart. I had become a ‘writer’.

I write tales where characters struggle against the traumas of human existence, where light and dark battle within individuals while mythology steps out of fable to create chaos around them.

I love to take the reader into landscapes of other realms where people are as flawed, as misguided, as ridiculous and as compelling as we are, always chasing the magic that lies, glimpsed but elusive, just beneath the façade of the everyday world.

Welcome to my new website!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Website

  1. This site is absolutely beautiful ♥ I love your videos, I love the colours, your inspiration – everything! Am so looking forward to hearing more newz as it comes to hand. ~ Michele

    • Thanks for your comments Michele! I’ve finished book 1 of the trilogy now and am beginning on book 2. Very exciting to be on a new book! I’ll put more info on the website as I go. ~ Sharon